Saturday, July 29, 2006

Aiptasia and Suncorals

OK, So after joining the community over at DFW Marine Aquarium Society I made some discoveries from them.

1) Aipatasia isn't a cute little anemone.. It's potentially a bad plague. So I eradicated the cute ones I had with Elim-Aipata and a syringe.

2) You have to feed suncoral daily! ( Something the LFS neglected to tell me, and I neglected to research! )

So here you can see my few survivors from my sun polyp colony's slow decline into oblivion.

So now I know you have to feed them daily, I am hoping I can bring him back from the brink of death.
I started today by covering him with a dome, and feeding him frozen reef mix, that contains some Mysis Shrimp, and other chunks of stuff. Next time I'm at the LFS I'll pick up some frozen Mysis Shrimp cubes. 5 minutes after feeding the dome he opened up! I feed the largest polyp 2 shrimps.. He was the only one who really opened. The others did open, but barely.
So I'm going to attempt to feed him daily, in hopes that I can bring them back.

Here is the resource for Sun Corals that got me educated!!

Wish me luck.


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