Friday, August 03, 2007

75Gal Reef and all Equipment for Sale!

$1500 or best offer!
contact Jeff at:

Everything must go!! After 4 years of growing this established reef tank, my wife and I are transplanting to NYC and will be unable to move the tank.

I don't want to piece it out, and would rather sell everything to one happy buyer!

I'm trying to unload everything I've used to maintain and support this tank for the last 4 years. All the extra powerheads, test kits, tubes, water resovoirs and basically everything you need to maintain and enjoy this full system.

Also includs 140lbs of 'Tampa Bay Saltwater" liverock, 70lbs of live sand, and a host of livestock. ( see below )


75 Gal Oceanic glass closed loop system.
Wooden Oceanic stand
Moon-lite PC lighting system. ( +extra new bulbs! )
EcoSystem 40 Refugeum
Eheim 2213 canaster filter
CPR Aquatic Bak-Pak 2 Skimmer
Aqua Medic Titan 250 Chiller
Return Pump ( not sure the specs )
Various power-heads ( all flavors )
(2) 70 Gal Gray Trashcans
Variety of water test kits
Variety of tubes, hoses, and support equipment


140 lbs of Tampa Bay Saltwater Liverock
70lbs of Live Sand
(1)Fire Clown
(1) Coral Beauty
(1)Royal Gramma
(3) flame scallops
(2) Brittle Serpent stars
(1) Blue Linckia Sea Star
(2) Cleaner Shrimp
(1) Tiger Tail Cucumber
(70+/-) Blue Leg Hermits
(50+/-) Turbo Snails

Corals: (nothing too exotic)

Yellow Pollops
Green Pollops
Variety of Zoos
Several Leathers
Variety of Mushrooms


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